Firm History

Our firm’s roots go back to Noah M. Tohill, a descendant of a pioneer family.  He attended universities and studied law, beginning his law practice in Lawrenceville in 1895.  Tohill was involved in early banking in Lawrence County, and aided the development of oil and gas in Lawrence County through his law practice and his title abstract business.  In 1934 a young law school graduate, Maurice E. Gosnell, began practicing in partnership with Tohill.  Gosnell quickly broadened his practice and became well known throughout Southern Illinois for his success in the courtroom.  He and his later partners developed a practice which was incorporated in 1970.  John F. Borden joined the firm in 1970 and Douglas A. Enloe joined in 1973.  Larry N. Sloss, Jr. joined the firm in 1987. By the time of Gosnell’s retirement in the 1980’s, our firm had grown into a regional practice representing clients throughout Southern and Southeastern Illinois in most areas of civil law.  Our firm has and continues to represent a diverse clientele in a broad spectrum of legal matters with an emphasis on trial litigation, personal injury, insurance, real estate, banking, oil and gas, and probate.  Our firm continues to grow and has more recently added Derek W. McCullough and Eric A. St Ledger both of whom grew up in Southeastern Illinois.